Future of Electronics
Future of Electronics

In the next three to four decades, we will see a number of gadgets that are even hard to imagine in today’s life. Some of the technological advancements expected in the electronic fields are:

  1. Future cellphones may have all the advanced facilities.They may be shape changing, transparent, the keyboard would come out by inbuilt projector in the cellphones, flexible, too much slim, very lite in weight and self cleaning.
  2. Mostly all the electronic products will go wireless, with the increase use of touch interface and green technology.
  3. Long lasting batteries will not die until 3-4 days.
  4. Emergence of affordable high-end digital cameras.
  5. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  is expected to play an role in improving customer services at local retail stores. Instead of a plastic band  bearing a unique personal ID number, RFID chips could be incorporated into products for identification and tracking. Similarly, it could be interested into a person to identify a personality at the time of birth.
  6. Electronic ink, flexible displays and wireless connections will change the face of the media and printing.
  7. Virtual journeys will be possible with the advancements in electronics.
  8. A software may enable you to block the credit cards at the entrances of exclusive shops.
  9. All electronic devices will be service-connected, which will relieve users from bridging content and devices .
  10. Future automobiles are expected to be equipped with the GPS devices and electrically-driven propulsion systems with no emission other than water.
  11. A sugar cube sized electric generator that feels on vibration could power a number of wireless sensors  or even medical implants.
  12. Touch interface electronics is expected  to find application in majority of displays, including walls and desks.
  13. Turbo liver, surgically connected to the circulatory system of the body, will limit the growth of beer belly.
  14. It will also enable development of clear computer monitors and televisions that can be embedded inside the glass or transparent plastic .


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