Bluetooth Remote Control using Arduino Nano

Bluetooth Remote Control Feature
Bluetooth Remote Control Feature

Introduction to Bluetooth Remote Control using Arduino Nano:

Bluetooth Remote Control: In modern technology , wireless communication has been playing a key role. In this project , we basically work on  controlling a bot using an android app. It is the basic building project with further advancement and features adding up can build in a huge one. You can use the concepts discussed here in order to improve your project controls and make advancements in same.

Report Submitted by: Avish Porwal.

Components for Bluetooth Remote Control:

  • Arduino Nano ( Atmega 328 )
  • Bluetooth Module (HC – 05)
  • D.C Motors (4 nos) (300 rpm)
  • IC L293d (2 nos)
  • Bluetooth RC Controller Android App
  • Battery (12 V dc )
  • Connectors
  • Robo-Tyres ( 4 nos )

Working of Bluetooth Remote Control:

Block Diagram of Bluetooth Remote Control
Block Diagram of Bluetooth Remote Control

Above figure shows block diagram of the system, we send a string data for example any alphabet suppose ‘S’. This alphabet is transmitted continuously from an android smartphones bluetooth to the paired bluetooth, in our case HC-05 module. HC-05 is connected with serial port of Arduino Nano. HC-05 transmits the received alphabet to Arduino Nano, we write a program logic wherein some action is assigned to any particular alphabet.


Connections for Bluetooth Remote Control:

  1. 5V and GND pins of Bluetooth module to 5V pin and GND of Arduino Nano respectively.
  2. Tx and Rx pins of Bluetooth module to D10 and D11 pins of Arduino Nano respectively.

In this as we are controlling 4 motors we are going to use 2 l293d.

  1. Now connect pin no 1 , 8 and 16 of both IC’s together and connect it to positive end of 12v battery.
  2. Connect pin no 4 and 5 together and pin no 12 and 13 together of both IC’s and then connect to the ground terminal of 12v battery.
  3. Ground pin no 7 and 10 of both IC’s as we required only 1 input for each motor.
  4. Connect motor between pin no 3 and 6 & pin no 14 and 11 of each IC’s respectively.
  5. Now as per the code , connect pin D5 and D6 to pin no 2 and 15 of IC1 respectively & pin D7 and D8 to pin no 2 and 15 of IC2 respectively.

Instruction for Bluetooth Remote Control App:


  1. First of all make the above connection of bluetooth module with arduino nano.
  2. Then turn on bluetooth on your android phone .
  3. You will a device name HC – 05 .
  4. Then select on Pair.
  5. It will ask for a password . The password is 1234
  6. When you done with pairing open the app.
  7. It will ask Bluetooth permission – select yes.
  8. Then in the app go to connect to car option and select device name HC-05 which you just now paired.
  9. You will the Red blinking on the app turns into Green. This indicates that the connection is establish.
  10. Now make the movement and see the rotation of motor accordingly.
RC Contol App
RC Contol App

App is freely available on Google Play Store.

Program file for Arduino Nano

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